You don’t have to break the bank to make it look like you spent a lot of money on your interior design. Follow these sneaky ways to elevate your home, on a budget…

Hang your curtains high and wide, and touching the floor

Good window treatments add the luxe factor to a home. Hanging your curtains as tall and wide as possible, and touching the floor, makes the room look bigger, too. 

Go for large-scale art 

Rather than many small, disconnected pieces, choose one or two large-scale art pieces. Don’t be tempted to buy the cheap, mass-produced beach scenes, and rather check out second-hand stores and car-boot sales for pieces with a backstory. 

Create depth with luxe faux textures 

Incorporate a variety of glass, wood, metal, and woven materials to create a look that’s collected, and full of depth. The tactile feel of a silk velvet pillow, the soft hand of a suede couch, and the supple finish of quality leather add unmistakable luxury to your home. And, you can get faux versions of all of these materials at home stores. 

Layer your lighting 

The trick to a moody, beautiful apartment is having a variety of light sources. Hang a pendant light in place of a traditional bedside lamp, and highlight corners with uplighting. And always choose warm white globes. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall 

Maximise your space by introducing mirrors, and choose as intricate a frame as you can afford. 

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