The Lifestyle

It has taken many years of research to find the perfect recipe and create the ideal environment for tenants that are in different stages of their lives. A few key ingredients could not be compromised on; security, green living and lifestyle facilities – and all three of these are present in each of our estates. Below is a series of different facilities that we have also installed in different estates. We offer a resort-like lifestyle, and in most instances we provide access to free uncapped internet, free weekly activities (gym, tennis, hip-hop dancing and swimming classes). Each estate has dedicated onsite maintenance staff, and general maintenance such as swimming pools and gardening is included in most of our rental offerings.

Note that not all of the facilities are in each of our estates. Schedule a visit to the development that you are interested in,
to see which of these facilities are on offer there…

Tight Security

Security is the main cornerstone on any of our developments. We pride ourselves in staying up-to-date with the latest technology in the security industry, such as thermal imaging cameras with data analytics and intelligent offsite analysis. Our goal is simple; to avoid a potential intrusion before it actually occurs. The different estates employ different security companies with highly trained, courteous staff. These companies are constantly under scrutiny to ensure that the community they protect, are safeguarded to the highest standards in the industry. All of our boundary walls are well-lit and have zoned electric fence, with anti “lift-loops”, that is constantly monitored by cameras and motion detecting devices. Residents have access to panic buttons on their MyEstateLife App which allows security to instantly respond to any safety and security concerns within the development, 24 hours a day.


As all of our estates were developed by Century Property Developments, careful consideration went into the impact that these communities would have on the environment. Many initiatives have been introduced to ensure a reduced carbon footprint on our beautiful blue planet. Grey water plants provide irrigation water for our indigenous landscaping, which in turn only require 10% of the water that exotic plant species consume. Most of our developments have been equipped with solar panels and water heat pumps to reduce electricity consumption. Units are insulated to ensure they remain cool during the summer, and retain their heat during winter months. Our materials are sourced locally, and we strive to achieve a uniquely South African vernacular. Many of our developments have official ‘green ratings’ like The Campus that was awarded EDGE certification.


Our partnerships with several private educational institutions ensure that each of our communities either have a pre-school and a primary school onsite, or have direct access to a private school within the area. Preferential enrolment is given to resident children within each estate. Two of our estates have a SPARK School onsite, whilst three of our developments have an Early Bird Educare Centre for affordable pre-school facilities for toddlers. Rentals within Waterfall Estates gives tenants direct access to Reddam House and Curro Waterfall, whilst two of our other developments each have a Reddford House on their doorstep. If you are in the process of applying to live in one of our developments, feel free to discuss your children’s educational needs with your leasing consultant, as they will be able to facilitate a meeting with the school on that specific development.


Another important aspect in our ‘outdoor lifestyle facilities’ are the numerous children’s play parks which are scattered throughout our developments. These play areas are designed to be age appropriate for a wide variety of children, ranging from swings and climbing apparatus for the younger children to basketball courts for the teens. These play parks are maintained at the highest levels to ensure the safety of all children who make use of these facilities.


Leading an active, healthy lifestyle requires access to a comprehensive gym. Our research has indicated that having a gym on-site makes residents more likely to exercise than when they have to leave the estate to go to an independent offsite gym. Every estate on the Houss Rentals portfolio has a gym on the premises with free access and free weekly classes for tenants. Managed by an independent gym operator, these facilities provide professional personal trainers. There usually is a general toning circuit as well as a specialised weights training section and most of our facilities also have Pilates and Yoga studio. Whilst our gyms do not allow unaccompanied minors, there are free Hip-Hop dancing classes for children in the aerobic studios on a weekly basis.


Living in one of our developments will bring you the sense of being on holiday in an exclusive resort. Each development has a swimming pool that is maintained on a regular basis. The estates where there are a restaurant, offers poolside refreshments and treats. During the summer months, we often host a ‘summer bash’ in the pools with free ice lollies and giant inflatables on the water. During these months, we also provide free swimming lessons in most of our estates. Both The Precinct Luxury Apartments and 5ive on Thirteenth Lifestyle Apartments have a Splash Park. This facility was designed with the safety of children of all ages in mind. Basically, water cascades and splashes from fixtures that were designed to not have any sharp corners or heights to be climbed onto. This water is sprayed and splashed onto a surface that quickly drains it into a recyclable tank, from where it re-splashes onto our young fun-loving resident children. The water never reaches enough depth to pose a threat for drowning.


Houss Rentals have three restaurants, each with an executive bar, in its portfolio (5ive on Thirteenth, The Parks and The Precinct). These were designed to be the social heartbeat of the estate by providing weekly specials and regular events with live music, quiz nights and a variety of other social activities. The staff in these establishments are courteous and highly trained to provide exquisite meal experiences for residents and their guests. Meals range from wood-fired pizza to a selection of meat grills and vegetarian dishes. The executive bars provide a sophisticated environment to enjoy sundowners and drinks. This facility also services the swimming pool area, where tenants can enjoy a resort-like lifestyle of light meals by the poolside.


Our larger clubhouses (Lifestyle Hub’s), like the ones at The Precinct Luxury Apartments and The Parks Lifestyle Apartments have their own Spa and Beauty Salon, which is operated by Shear Studios. Their hair care treatments include cuts, colours, highlights, straightening, treatments, extensions and so much more. Their beauty treatments consist of lashes, tinting, permanent make-up, make-up and even Botox. Shear Studios’ depilation treatments consist of waxing, threading, sugaring, IPL treatment. They also offer manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements and nail art. Residents can also book spa treatments such as massages and facials. For pricing, bookings and more information visit


Living in a Houss estate will expose you and your family to many free social gatherings. A regular feature in most of our developments is the monthly outdoor movies that we screen. It is important to note that none of the estates ever feature the latest movies that are currently on the circuit in commercial cinemas. Instead, we focus on family-orientated movies from a few years ago that were popular at the time. Each screening includes complimentary popcorn and treats that suit the theme of that particular movie. During the coldest winter months, we avoid screening movies in freezing temperatures. The indoor cinemas are located at The Parks Lifestyle Apartments and The Precinct Luxury Apartments. This facility is linked to the restaurant, where residents can book a dinner and enjoy a movie afterwards. Big sporting events are also screened in the cinemas, on a regular basis.


Living a healthy, active lifestyle is an important component of any Houss development. Whilst every single development provides access to a gym for intense training, our soccer fields and tennis courts provide an alternative form of exercise, with a stronger emphasis on the social aspects of exercising together. Residents often form their own teams and clubs to compete against each other, whilst Houss offers free tennis coaching for children and adults at most of their estates. The multi-purpose sports fields allow for additional activities, such as basketball and netball. These fields have shaded pavilions to allow spectators to support their favourite teams.


Many of our tenants have taken the recent global pandemic as an opportunity to work from home, and this pairs well with the estates that offer free internet access. Several meeting rooms and boardrooms have been implemented to allow tenants to work from within the estate. These meeting rooms can be booked exclusively with Estate Management, or tenants may work together in the same area. These rooms are air-conditioned, have free internet and is usually serviced by the restaurant for coffees, waters and light lunches (applicable in estate where there are restaurant facilities). General lounge areas allow for residents to socialise together in common areas. These pause areas consist of contemporary furniture and usually provides scenic views of the estates.


Designing an environment where the entire family have access to endless entertainment; was our primary goal with all of these estates. The most difficult group to cater for, are teenagers. A dedicated games room with access to ‘old school’ arcade games (such as Pacman, Space Invaders and Street Fighter), pool tables, table tennis, foosball and darts caters for these young adolescents. Comfortable bean bags and lounges allow for social interaction within a safe environment. Carlswald Luxury Apartments has a dedicated skate park, which is also a popular facility with our teens.


There is no doubt that South Africa has a unique climate that lends itself to outdoor living. Ribboning through all of our estates, is a network of walking trails. These routes were designed to showcase the most scenic parts of the development, to allow tenants to walk and jog along a safe, well-lit path. These walkways connect the different outdoor facilities, and cross many play parks, picnic areas and braai pavilions along the way. The braai pavilions are designed to provide ample shade, and in most cases include access to a kitchen basin or prep bowl. They generally also overlook play parks and indigenous landscaping.


Both The Precinct Luxury Apartments and The Parks Lifestyle Apartments have large clubhouses (Lifestyle Hub’s). These two facilities have their own concierge services to ensure a positive client experience. The concierge can assist with any questions and queries pertaining to that development. They also have extensive knowledge of the area as a whole and should be able to assist with advice on products and services in the area. Most of our developments also have dedicated laundromats with coin-operated washers and driers. The Parks, The Precinct and 5ive on Thirteenth have a laundromat service “Pressed in Time” that provides a dedicated laundry service to the residents of those developments.


The biggest expense with private functions, is usually the venue hire. All of the clubhouses in our developments can be rented out for private entertaining, at a nominal fee that covers the cleaning afterwards. Estates that have larger clubhouses with restaurants (The Precinct and The Parks) have dedicated function rooms which is serviced by the restaurant. Here you have the ideal environment for private birthday parties, engagement parties, stork teas, bridal showers and any other function that you can think of. Bookings can be made directly with Estate Management.