When you align your lifestyle with how much money you earn, you’re living with financial independence. That doesn’t have to mean skimping on luxuries! Take note of these money-saving tips…

Workout where you live

You could be paying hefty fees for gym memberships. Think about renting an apartment in an estate where a gym is included, and where there’s access to walking and cycling trails. 

Buy when you have the cash

If you can’t afford something now, don’t just reach for the credit card. Rather save up for it in cash, so you don’t land up paying high interest rates. 

Rent, don’t buy 

Renting incurs far lower monthly running costs. When you buy a property, you’re responsible for extra costs, including levies, municipal rates and utilities (electricity, water, sewerage and refuse removal).

Boost your income 

Think about a fun side hustle to help you earn extra cash. The emphasis is on fun, so it doesn’t feel like a chore!

Shop around for car insurance 

You could unknowingly be paying higher premiums than necessary. Get quotes from various car insurers  

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