Keep these top red flags in mind when looking for an apartment to rent, so you don’t get taken advantage of…

  • Look for water stains on the ceiling 

These indicate if the roof or unit above you has water issues and leaks. 

  • Water pressure woes 

Don’t hold back from turning on taps – including the shower! 

  • Take note of noise 

View the rental property in the evening when neighbours are home, TVs are on and kids are back from school so you can get an idea of the noise level.  

  • Be alert for a mildew smell

Open the cupboards and look under the sink for leaking taps, which cause dampness and that tell-tale mildew smell. 

  • What’s included in the levy? 

Is there a garden service, or will you need to buy a lawnmower? How much do you pay for utilities, and what are they? 

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