On your own, or with a partner, the choice between a studio or one-bedroom apartment depends on your budget and your perspective of cozy…

What’s your budget? 

Studio apartments are cheaper than one-bedroom apartments, with comparable features. You’ll also spend less money on heating and cooling a studio apartment, due to the smaller space. If you prefer to entertain guests at your estate’s restaurant or communal area, paying extra for a separate bedroom may not be worth it.

How important is your privacy? 

A studio apartment costs less than a one-bedroom, but should you sacrifice that added privacy? If you’re living with someone, a one-bedroom apartment allows for privacy. And having a separate bedroom means you can close the door when friends and family come over.  

If you’re living on your own, a studio apartment provides a simplified lock-up-and-go lifestyle. But, it could make hosting guests a bit cramped. And if your main area is also your bedroom, you won’t be able to hide your mess. 

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