If dingy, overcrowded communes aren’t the way you see yourself living while you study your way to success, then picture this…

3 reasons you’ll love living on your own as a student at The Campus:

  1. Privacy to study in your own clean, quiet space, or in the computer labs or study areas. 
  2. A rooftop sundeck and pool, where you can relax and connect with your friends!  
  3. Weekend yoga sessions to stretch and unwind. 

Looking for student accommodation? The Campus Student Accommodation in Auckland Park offers an environment where you can work hard, and play hard.  

Enquire about our student funding, as we’re accredited with student funding schemes. 

Email info@thecampus.rentals or call 0800 CAMPUS, and we’ll put you in touch with the student funding scheme, as well as help you along the way. 

The Campus provides individual, private student living within a student community. We can accommodate up to 1000 students in individual, private, fully furnished studios. Each studio is equipped with a modern kitchen and a bathroom. Click here for info.