Looking for a simple way to help reduce the stress and anxiety of the pandemic, and maybe even improve your memory? Then take a walk in nature at The Parks. 

You don’t have to trek to Magliesberg every time you need your fix of nature to destress! Imagine the luxury of stepping right out your door and walking, safely, in nature? The Parks provides beautiful walking trails, allowing you to live and work in nature, decreasing your pandemic stress levels!

Research shows that people who walk in nature have lower activity in the prefrontal cortex, a brain region that’s active when you have repetitive negative thoughts. Basically, walking in nature is one of the best ways to counteract overthinking and stress, and is an easy, accessible “tool” for self-improvement.  

5 quick tips to de-stress when working from home: 

Take breaks and stretch your legs. 

Hug a tree! It’s a proven de-stressor. 

Hit a ball! Get your frustrations out on the tennis court or soccer field.  

Find your work area, whether in your apartment or at the estate meeting room. 

Have a routine, and stick to it. 

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